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10 Movies We Should Watch Next

Quarantining at home is the best time to discover new films, whether new ones or old hidden gems that you haven’t even heard. So, we asked a local filmmaker to recommend movies we need to watch and why we need it to binge them.

  1. 1. Fallen Angel (Dir. Wong Kar Wai)

    A noir wrapped in neon-lit comedy is probably a description fitting for a movie like this. It explores loneliness and making connections in a way only Wong Kar Wai can pull off.

  2. 2. La Jetee (Dir. Chris Marker)

    Dubbed by many as the best (if not one of the best) science fiction films in the universe, this short film by Chris Marker evokes many mixed emotions even after repeated viewings. Cinema as a form is broken down and reconstructed like a memory to reminisce.

  3. 3. Last Year At Marienbad (Dir. Alain Resnais)

    Haunting and beautiful, this film by Resnais is one surreal experience best enjoyed on a big screen. The plot, a tale about a man and a woman (who may or may not have met before), is as mysterious as everything else that you will experience throughout the film.

  4. 4. Upstream Color (Dir. Shane Carruth)

    Stirs curiosity and confusion, but something about this film has always kept him coming back to it. A love story of sorts, this film is mind-bending deep dive into the lives of a man and a woman drawn together by a single organism.

  5. 5. Punch Drunk Love (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

    One of Adam Sandler’s best performances. Period

  6. 6. Satantango (Dir. Bela Tarr)

    Satantango is a movie about the effects of the fall of Communism in Hungary. This 7-hour epic is an inspiring, disturbing, beautiful, and powerful portrayal of the human condition.

  7. 7. Norte: The End of History (Dir. Lav Diaz)

    Why the hell are you not watching Lav Diaz?

  8. 8. Burning (Dir. Lee Chang-dong)

    Simple storytelling. Epic feelings.

  9. 9. Throw Away Your Books, Rally In The Streets (Dir. Shuji Terayama)

    One of the best experimental works in Japanese Cinema, this film amazingly breaks down cinema in the loudest, wildest, and in most provocative way it can. It’s full of emotions.

  10. 10. An Elephant Sitting Still (Dir. Hu Bo)

    The movie is a beautiful ode to the realities of the human condition.