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5 Animes to Start Binge-Watching 2021

by | Oct 1, 2021

Anime has grown in popularity across the world because of its unique ability to grow with its viewers. Not only that it’s entertaining to watch, but for a few reasons: Anime boasts vibrancy and diversity in its characters. And it’s relatable that most animes will harbor moral philosophies from real-life situations. Anime also produces strong female characters. And every film or series is infused with information about the Japanese culture; language, popular traditions, holidays, and myths. There’s a little something from the Japanese culture blended into each story. There are no limits to Anime. Anything could happen, and a lot can be learned. And with that, more and more have become interested. So, we’ve listed five films and series as a guide on what to watch when you’re just starting to binge on Anime.
  1. Your Name

    A romance film where two teenagers share a magical connection upon discovering that they are constantly swapping bodies.
  2. Attack on Titan

    An action anime series where humans live inside cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids are called Titans.
  3. Hunter X Hunter TV 2011

    A fantasy action where a young boy is on a quest to train himself as a hunter and aims to reunite with his long-lost father, a former accomplished hunter.
  4. Death Note

    The story revolves around a teen genius who discovered a mysterious notebook, the “Death Note,” and grants him the ability to kill anyone he writes on it.
  5. Aldnoah Zero

    A sci-fi, fantasy anime series where humans began migrating to Mars, living there, and creating an empire called Vers Empire which started the war between Earth and Mars.