CEBU CITY: The Making of Asia’s Next Mega City

by | Sep 4, 2023

Cebu City, Philippines. The bustling city of Cebu, located in the heart of the Philippines, is on the verge of an extraordinary transformation, poised to become Asia’s next mega city. With a rich cultural heritage, a vibrant economy, and a commitment to sustainable development, Cebu is emerging as a dynamic urban center that is capturing the world’s attention. Cebu’s journey towards becoming Asia’s next mega city is built on several key pillars – the economy that has experienced remarkable growth in recent years to now becoming a hub for business and innovation while attracting investments from around the globe. Key industries such as manufacturing, and tourism are thriving, providing employment opportunities and driving economic progress among business sectors in the region. 

Cebu is undergoing a remarkable transformation with new infrastructure projects, preserving its cultural heritage, and a strong commitment to sustainability. This transformation reflects Cebu’s vision for the future and its journey to become Asia’s next mega city. Join us in celebrating Cebu’s progress and vibrant spirit. 

With the opening of borders and the comeback of the MICE industry after the pandemic, organizers like Worldbex Services International, the leading event organizer in the country, is fostering creativity and entrepreneurship to drive success towards the next Asia’s Mega City. The introduction of the Philippine Building and Construction Exposition (PHILBEX), Cebu Foods and Beverages Expo (CEFBEX) and Cebu Auto Show (CAS) will unveil various opportunities in Central Visayas across three different fields. This mega event will take place at the IEC Convention Center Cebu (IC3), bringing together a diverse audience of industry experts, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and the general public. Attendees can expect a feast for the senses, with tantalizing food tastings, design showcases, and automotive spectacles, all in one captivating venue. 

This synergy not only broadens the horizons of innovators and pioneers but also offers an unparalleled experience for our visitors and local communities – creating new opportunities for collaboration and growth within these dynamic fields. The “Cebu Trio” promises to be an unforgettable event, and all are encouraged to mark their calendars on September 14-17. Join us for an exceptional celebration of the best in food, design, and automobile, as Cebu City comes alive with the “Cebu Trio” – PHILBEX CEBU, CEFBEX and CAS. This event is organized by Worldbex Services International. 

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The Cebu Trio event is organized by Worldbex Services International. For more details kindly visit their website at and follow their social media page for updates.