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Cinematographer Gabriel Foulc on Telling Stories Visually

Often when people appreciate a good movie, they tend to give the credits to directors and actors. On the contrary, the visual aspect of every movie is a huge factor that could make or break any film that makes the audience feel something. And cinematographers are behind the overall look of the film.

Cinematographers are somehow considered the unnoted members of the production team. However, cinematographers are as essential as directors in making excellent movies and commercials.

Cinematographer Gabriel Foulc shares how cinematography can tell good stories.

Capturing Art

“Cinematography is the art of the lighting and creating a theme to a video camera,” said Foulc. As a cinematographer, his job to beautifully show the director’s vision and enhance the overall look and mood of a film.

Foulc stated that lighting is an essential part of having good cinematography. He said that there are factors to it like angles of the camera you choose for the audience, camera movements, composition, and even blocking but lighting is an essential element you can note. Good lighting can affect and show your mood.

Picture-perfect Storytelling

“There’s no cinematic technique. It’s just good storytelling,” Foulc expressed.

Foulc explained that cinematography can significantly influence the audience, that even a simple color can stir up emotions in ways that people may not realize. Each film genre accords by color palettes that evoke a particular feeling depending on how it is applied. Warm red tones can mean romance, and desaturated colors can imply apocalyptic, fluorescent greens can be used for science fiction, and more.

Sequel Take-aways

“One thing they could take away from filmmaking is fundamentally storytelling,” Foulc stated.

He reiterated that there are several aspects of filmmaking, not just cinematography but also directing, writing, production design, and everything. He added that filmmaking encourages you to learn how to do storytelling and work with other people efficiently because you need to realize that you can’t do it alone.

Behind the Artist

Gabriel Foulc, a 22-year-old French-Filipino cinematographer, started his hobby in making films at five years old. Foulc came from a family of artists where he learned how to operate a camera through the influence of his photographer and filmmaker dad. He also finished his film course at the International Academy of Film and Television in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Being in the film industry for over five years, He has already shot and directed more than 30 short films and commercials.“I’m still learning. Whenever I enter the set, I always do my best, and it keeps me going knowing that I could do more and better unto the next. I don’t think I’m the best, but I know I’m good.”

Tips and Quick Fix

One of the most challenging parts of starting in the film industry is the lack of knowledge. How do you start?

“Build your portfolio, and the only way to build it is doing things, doing videos. Building your portfolio provides the way to get bigger clients. If you build your portfolio with people, you can also grow your connections, and those link up if you wanna grow in this industry,” Foulc quoted.



This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.