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Boombox Social: Beyond Business

by | Sep 1, 2021

In today’s generation, young people are driven with ambition, passion, and purpose to move forward with their ideas in entrepreneurship. And when purpose and passion are combined, the impact is powerful not only for these young entrepreneurs but also on the people they wished to serve with their businesses. Companies that work to make a profit, stay, but businesses that envision a purpose to help other people thrive.

Boombox Media is an integrated marketing communications company that provides digital and non-digital content to help businesses share their stories and refine their brand’s identity.

Behind Boombox Media

Founded in 2017, Boombox Media was an events company providing a platform for Cebuanos to consolidate the ongoing and upcoming events in the city. Created by a team of young entrepreneurs, Liz Jao and Janarius Paglinawan, both from Mindanao.

And from there, they started creating events for bars that became their clients and slowly shifted to digital marketing, social media management, and content creation and production.

The team behind the creative ideas are nine diverse talents: people in different fields of expertise from digital marketing, social media management, photo and film production, and copywriting.

Boombox has also partnered with La Cocina Studios, a production house based in Cebu City with expertise in all-around production services to bring out a paragon of works.

Your Story, Our Noise

Boombox Media’s tagline “Your Story, Your Noise” is inspired by what a boombox does to amplify sounds. The same purpose that the company aims to refine every brand’s voice and amplify its message on various digital platforms.

The company delivers quality service through creating strategic campaigns fit for the brand’s target audience, producing engaging content through visual masterpieces such as product and lifestyle photos and commercial videos, and providing SEO and End-to-end web development to make functional and well-designed websites.

Catered to more than 50 brands since it started, the company has helped entrepreneurs find solutions in their business’ knots. Among its notable clients are Asmara Urban Resort and Lifestyle Village, Solti, Teofel Hostel, North Milken Digital, MoonChai Milktea, and more.

Boombox to Amplify

Boombox Media aims to build a good partnership with its clients and strives to make its brand known, be it a long-running business or a new one.

“Boombox is here to help entrepreneurs take away a chunk of the load from their busy schedule,” Jao said. She added, “We focus on uplifting the business owners and value them for their sacrifices and struggles in business.”