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Into Comfort and Relaxation at Teofel Hostel

Cebu can be an overwhelming city, bursting in people and events at every turn. In a city that reveals fun and noise, finding a place like Teofel Hostel is the perfect getaway. Teofel Hostel is a 39-room budget hostel located in downtown Cebu. The hostel is a family business established in 1993, passed from generation to generation, and is currently managed by Mickey Borneo. The hostel offers a peaceful and homey atmosphere that can accommodate large groups of friends and families 24/7.

Into Comfort

Whether you’re staying for a vacation or business purposes, it’s a necessity to have a clean and proper place to stay. Teofel Hostel offers a convenient and nuisance-free environment for you to experience the ultimate relaxation. Teofel always takes care of everything even with the smallest details from the cleanliness of the bedrooms, washrooms, and dining areas to the spaciousness of every room with all the necessities including cable TVs, WIFI, and telephones.

Providing Warm Welcomes

Either it’s your first time or not, Teofel has a staff that welcomes you every time with heartwarming smiles on their faces, and is ready to provide and give extra support in any of your concerns, and in case of any emergencies and mishaps.

Exceptional Filipino Hospitality

While it’s true that Teofel Hostel is known for its hospitality, expect to experience plenty of Filipino-style comforts and low-key pampering as well. Its on-site Cafe is known for serving enticing Filipino comfort and breakfast food.

Accessibility to Sites

Going from your place to the shopping centers just a few meters away to purchase any necessities makes the whole experience convenient and more comfortable. And Teofel Hostel is located near various malls: Robinson’s Place, Super Metro Hypermarket, and Colonnade Supermarket. For some travelers, seeking cultural and heritage sights can be the main purpose of their tours. And while the idea of enjoying is there, understanding culture and appreciating historical landscapes can fulfill their satisfaction with their planned trips. Cebu is rich in cultural and heritage sights, and Teofel Hostel is minutes away from the following: Fort San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino, Cebu Metropolitan, Casa Gorordo, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, and Taoist Temple. Teofel Hostel is located in #4 Junquera Ext., Oliva-Perez Bldg. Brgy. San Anton, Cebu, Philippines. For bookings and inquiries, contact: (032) 253 2488 or email: