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Redefining Modern Home Living

by | Sep 14, 2021

Endless possibilities can happen through the latest technologies incorporated into our homes. It was often thought of as a dream in the millennium but has become a reality for every household.  Luis Zamudio, a Euromonitor International Research analyst, shared his thoughts on the future of smart homes. “The Usage amongst early adopters proves home automation can improve quality of life, making the technology more attractive to consumers who are currently wary of its benefits. The next four years will bring rapid growth as consumers continue to learn about cases for fully integrated smart homes.” The power to control all parts of our house anywhere and anytime helps us have the maximum convenience in our work-life balance. Our need for functionality and efficiency is gradually evolving our technology. And now, advantages as such are made possible with companies like Nort Milken Digital.

Savvy-tech Company

Nort Milken Digital (NMD), established in 2015, is engaged in home automation to enable homeowners to use their phones to operate everything from their lights, televisions down to their doors and even their curtains. They make an ordinary home become a modern one. NMD is a company that sets your life in auto. It provides house services that let you adjust your controls to suit your needs and enjoy convenience at the tip of your fingers. They spruce up your homes with wired solutions, wireless solutions, gate automation, cloud-based CCTV, and smart door locks.

Sit Pretty, Do More

As our lives continue to be more fast-paced, the everyday demands at home are becoming more and more challenging. And with the hectic schedules, working smart is now wiser than working hard. Nort Milken Digital designs a system that lets you choose customizations that suit your lifestyle through their mobile app. From turning off that air-condition, opening up your curtains down to switching on the bathroom lights can be done with just a few clicks. On wired solution, NMD’s wired setup is robustly suitable for houses where concrete slabs and big spaces may cause signal interference that may hinder functionality. NMD’s wireless setup is also perfect for condominiums and smaller homes. The setup to automate a specific location or devices only bears a lower installation cost making it ideal for homeowners. NMD also features gate automation to provide convenience for homeowners, without the hassle to go out of the car nor call anyone to open or close the gate upon entering and exiting their homes. Said feature comes in swing-type or sliding-type gates.

Maximizing Security

Nort Milken Digital takes many steps to protect every home by ensuring safety and security features – cloud-based CCTV and smart door lock. Its Cloud-based CCTV combines convenience and security. Owners can review real-time and recorded footage from their app despite not being on-site and may opt to forego the installation of a Network Video Remote. Smart door locks bring convenience and security. Never worry about forgetting to lock doors again. And be notified every time an intruder tries to come in. Grant and tailor-fit access to individuals assigning rights and limits via access codes.

Always At Home

Controlling your home functions anytime and anywhere is a constant motivation to avail of such an advantage. Connecting ourselves at home makes us feel at ease, and NMD affords us this. We can always do things for our home even without being at home. To learn more, visit their website: https://www.nmd.ph/.