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Solti Today – Further into Sustainability

Sustainability has become a buzzword that influenced today’s generation. Just like any consumer, people are now mindful of what food they consume and have shifted their decisions to buying sustainable clothing.

The UN Environment Programme’s research states that the fashion industry is the second-biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions – making it one of the contributors to pollution.

Understanding the detrimental effects of fast-fashion production, Kymberly Smith digs deep in helping provide environmental solutions through her sustainable works.

Feminine Power

Kymberly Muego Maitland-Smith is a Brit-Fil entrepreneur, blogger, and fashion designer. She studied Fashion Design and Merchandise at FIDM in San Francisco, California, and Fashion Styling in London.

As Kym bears all the hallmarks of a recognized conscious creator and wellness ambassador, she came to the fashion industry as a fashion designer. She started her brainchild in 2016, creating bold and fun pieces -Solti derived from the words “SOL,” Latin for sun, and “SALTY.”

The core of her brand stems from her passion to uplift women to embrace their bodies in different sizes, shapes, and forms.

“There was no planning, just creating.” She created swimwear and activewear for women that fitted her lifestyle back then, but as she continued to produce more and more pieces, it led her to feel disconnected from her brand.

She began to focus more on her personal development through spiritual, holistic health and wellness, then came the rebirth of her creative brand – the Solti today.

The Creation of Solti

Solti is a homegrown brand based in Cebu that produces sustainable products.

Established in 2016, Solti started as a multi-wear apparel brand that produces versatile, sustainable pieces from activewear to swimwear representing women in various sizes, preferences, ages, and occasions. It was known for its sultry cuts and styles and bright neon colors, then expanded to resort wear.

It rebranded its trademark in 2020 as a conscious lifestyle representing Kymberly’s path as a creative woman, seeker, healer, and Kym’s love for Mother Nature.

The Solti today consciously creates pieces to initiate a loving harmony with one’s inner presence. The Solti now not only empowers women but promotes health and wellness to encourage women to embody confidence, courage, and passion. It also advocates sustainable solutions for the environment.

The new clothing line comes with her Sol Collection in Tala Dress, Costa, Vian, Divine, Diani, Frida, Lolita, Apheone, Belina, and Scarves.

Solti also wishes to bring awareness and importance to our well-being through her Solti Essentials in Sage Bundle Set, Essential Oils, Macadamia Oils, Natural Soaps, and other essentials.

Further Into Sustainability

A creation by a woman for women that stands for Mother Nature and humanity; and chooses to nurture her mind, body, and spirit.

As Solti connects with the sacred energies of divine femininity, it also aims to nurture your nature. It also represents a lifestyle for women to be in sync with themselves and others, encourages them to get creative, and provides you a platform to learn and unlearn values.

For more details and inquiries, check out: www.soltiboutique.com or @soltiboutique.