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Analyzing Nouveau Resort’s Remarkable Increase in Hotel Reservations from 40 Bookings to 333 in Just One Month.


Nouveau Resort


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Nouveau Resort, a luxury resort offering 5-star amenities and is located on Camiguin Island, which is abundant with natural wonders like volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and both white and black sand beaches. It is the sole luxury resort in the entire province.

Following the completion of its construction post-pandemic, the resort commenced its operations and began accepting hotel reservations in Camiguin province and nearby cities like Cagayan de Oro. To promote their offerings, the Nouveau Resort team created promotional assets such as videos, property photos, and eye-catching posters and utilized two primary platforms for advertising: Facebook and Instagram.

Despite offering great deals and promos, they struggled to convert their marketing & advertising efforts into sales.

In response to these marketing challenges, Nouveau Resort sought the expertise of Boombox Social, an integrated marketing agency. Through their research, Boombox Social identified a critical issue: the resort’s content and advertising lacked consistency and curation with incorrect targeted outreach, resulting in limited conversions.


  • Build brand awareness of Nouveau Resort and Camiguin Island
  • Increase content engagement on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Improve the conversion rate for hotel reservations.


Boombox Social employed their AURORA approach, which included Avatar Building, Understanding Client’s Goals, Creating Consistent and Creative Content, Identifying the Right Audience, Engaging with the Audience, and Analyzing and Scaling data. 

Taking control of Nouveau’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, Boombox Social outlined objectives for the client’s brand, including increasing visibility and recognition among their existing Facebook and Instagram audience, engaging a new audience demographic by tailoring ads to their interests and behaviors, and captivating visual identity for Nouveau through the sharing of relevant, high-quality content.

To test the effectiveness of Boombox Social’s approach, our first Sponsored Ads roll out was the “Isle See You this Summer” promo.

After creating the content, the agency conducted thorough research to define specific characteristics of a new target audience, including demographics, interests, behaviors, age, location, and more. This was done to ensure that the advertisement would resonate more effectively with individuals who were more likely to be interested in the Summer Promo. The aim was to enhance relevance, thus increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

To determine the appropriate demographic for the sponsored ad, Boombox Social conducted a three-day trial featuring two different sponsored ads targeting distinct interests. During these tests, Boombox observed that one of the ads achieved significantly better results in terms of impressions, reach, and link clicks compared to the other, leading the agency to proceed with the higher-performing ad.

Following the launch of the final ad, the team diligently monitored its progress on a weekly basis and participated in analyzing the data collected.


Rooms Booked
Return on Ads Spent
0 %

The sponsored ad was active for 30 days. The result? 333 rooms booked. A staggering 452:1 or 45,280% ROAS ( Return on Ad spend) 

“We had 40 bookings in April, and this number surged to 333 in May after running the sponsored ad.’”

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