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Premier the Samgyupsal IL Corso Sees P109,086+ in Earned Media Value with Influencer Seeding in One Month


Premier the Samgyupsal IL Corso


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Boombox Social leveraged a variety of influencers and digital media to promote the launch of Premier the Samgyupsal Cebu’s newest branch in IL Corso. Through collaborations with well-known local food content creators and media outlets, Premier the Samgyupsal hosted a grand opening event and provided vouchers to these individuals for dining in and creating content. In this case study, we will dissect the factors that contributed to the project’s success.


As our clients prepared and organized their grand opening day, BBX conducted media seeding as part of its involvement. BBX produced media kits, offered dining perks to these creators, and consistently posted teaser content to generate online buzz and pique the interest of potential customers through the brand’s Facebook page.

Boombox Social reached out to content creators and media personalities, requesting each creator to post a video or photo across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. On average, each influencer made 2-3 posts, resulting in a total of 34 posts for the campaign. Each post included #premierthesamgyupsalilcorso as well as tags to the brand’s social media profiles.


  • Build brand awareness and visibility for the IL Corso branch during its opening.
  • Increase engagement and inquiries, particularly on Facebook.
  • Collect and repurpose content from influencers.


Total Combined Impressions
Earned Media Value
P 0
Audience Growth/Followers

The agency successfully partnered with 14 effective content creators who posted content consistently throughout the month following the grand opening event. This effort helped generate buzz and excitement, attracting more viewers and increasing the visibility of the Premier the Samgyupsal brand at its new location.


    1. Choosing the Right Influencers: Boombox Social wisely selected content creators. Rather than allocating the entire campaign budget to the largest celebrity influencer they could afford, Boombox Social opted for several lesser-known creators with highly engaged and dedicated social media followings. In influencer marketing, bigger isn’t always better, and Premier the Samgyupsal’s awareness of this strategy paid off.

    2. Allowing Influencers to Create Content Their Audience Will Love:
      The videos were tailored to align with each creator’s existing social media content. For example, Chibugan’s video focused on his mini-vlog of the opening day, while Kobe Go’s content mirrored what is frequently featured on her social media pages. By creating content that resonated with each creator’s audience’s interests and personality, Boombox Social maximized Premier the Samgyupsal’s impressions.

    3. Leveraging Each Influencer’s Social Presence to Reach Cross-Channel Audiences: Lastly, by utilizing all available social media platforms, Boombox Social fully maximized the reach of Premier the Samgyupsal’s campaign.

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