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Why Krumble Makes you Bet on Par-Baked

Airy croissants, rich chocolate-filled biscuits, wedges of sweet succulent rolls are the answers to our morning fix or merienda craves. There’s something about the smell and taste of freshly baked bread that prompts a positive and delighted emotional response in most of us. And who doesn’t love a baked Danish pastry?

As the popularity and love for freshly baked bread have gradually risen, the consumer demand is also growing, but advances in baking are now offering more options as the parbaked technique is being introduced.

Par Baking is a cooking technique in which a bread or dough product is normally baked and halted up to 80%, and then frozen for storage. Par Baked goods are now taking over the market, breathing its spot as the new trend in the bakery sector. And Krumble Inc. has been monetizing the trend of preparing frozen par-baked bread for everyone to enjoy. They spell fresh from the oven, tasty treats anytime, anywhere.

About Krumble

Krumble Inc. is an importer and distributor of partially baked bread based in Cebu City. It was established in 2018 by Michael Sharpe, founder, and co-owner, to make the experience of freshly baked bread accessible to anyone.

They also aim to help their customers set up their baking operations using their products to ensure that they produce the best possible bread with minimal impact on their operations.

Krumble’s Baking Process

Every perfect pastry has a struggling process that most people don’t see. And for Krumble, what started as an idea, turned out into an innovative solution for consumers and businesses.

Michael Sharpe, owner, and pseudo baker founded Krumble Inc. to introduce partially baked bread to Cebuanos.

One day: a friend suggested an idea to him and pursued that desire to cater to both businesses and individuals in providing not only a wide selection of products but also baking expertise and training right through their ovens.

Sharpe expressed that the main challenge in starting up Krumble Inc. is that he had no background in the food industry. He mentioned that he started as a bartender and server and worked for his family’s furniture business. All those years of his working experience gained him his expertise in the hospitality and management industry.

“And over the last years I learned the business side and gastronomical side of it with regards to how to make bread, the chemistry and how to source the ingredients, and know the stuff to talk to customers,” said Sharpe. He added that he used to do door-to-door sales to hotels and restaurants to introduce Krumble Inc. and how parbaking works.

“If you don’t have a contact for big hotels or customers, you have to go and oftentimes you get ignored a lot if you’re not used to or prepared for. It can be demoralizing or discouraging, but you have to learn from that,” Sharpe said. “I guess the biggest challenge is letting people know who you are and what we do,” he expressed.

Krumble, Breaking Bread

Every business, especially new ones, ought to have a succinct expression of its purpose. And with Cebu growing, and people’s tastes changing, Sharpe expressed that they felt the need to provide and meet the demand; feeding all the people wanting pastries and loaves of bread without compromising its flavor at a fair price.

“And at the end of the day, people eat and enjoy it without having to force out tons of cash like enjoying a croissant,” Sharpe stated

Krumble Inc. is located at F.E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu. For inquiries and orders, visit their website or contact: 0975 418 9105 / 032 344 3402, or email: / /