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A Daily Dose of Chocolate Recipe for the Whole Week

by | Apr 28, 2022

A great way to begin a summer day is with some music, a little meditation, and a set of exercises. Also, it’s fulfilling to be productive and accomplish your tasks throughout the day. Sooner or later, you will be back to rest and prepare for the sun to rise again. With all the daily activity, it can feel rewarding or tiring, but do you know how it can still get possibly better? With the intervention of Don Pepe Tablia!

As full of health benefits and as delicious as it is, Don Pepe Table is loaded with creaminess and chocolate, serves as not just a simple drink but also a part of your daily meal. Read and feel boosted for the week as you follow how you can mix your Don Pepe with the bustles of your everyday life!


                          Photo: Hungry Huy
Have you ever heard of how Monday mornings set the tone for your whole week? That’s why we are beginning it right this time with a Champorado, with Don Pepe’s Tablia. Whether you add any kind of milk as toppings or dried salted fish, the savor of the Champorado mixed with Don Pepe will not fade and will still stand out.


                          Photo: Simply Bakings
Had a tiring day and overslept leaving you with no time to prepare? No problem! You can easily pick from the variation of the flavors of the packed products: Original, Classic, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, or Pure Native Coffee, and you are good to go! For starters, or for those who are merely just busy with any other breakfast, this can be achieved by pouring out the sachet and mixing the powder with hot water. Truly, Don Pepe is not only a quick fix but a creamy and enjoyable one.


                          Photo: Food Network
A heavy day ahead! It is a good thing that you can reward yourself after accomplishing everything and to be motivated further, you can prepare for this beforehand. By using an ice popsicle mold set, you can mix and stir any Don Pepe Tablia flavor with water. Since it will take some hours for the popsicle to be totally frozen after refrigerating, you can enjoy it after you’ve reached your goal for the day!


                          Photo: Travelling Foodie
Level up your snack as you are almost finished for the week already! By mixing Don Pepe with your oatmeal, you can delight in how nutritious it is and in its tastiness. As much as your blood sugar levels can lower and the risks of diseases can be reduced with oatmeal, you can also enjoy improved heart and brain health with Don Pepe Original Tablia.


                          Photo: Jonathan Lovekin
Reward yourself with the mouth-watering brownies made with Don Pepe as the chocolate. However, this is not a simple and ordinary baked goodie as you can use Don Pepe Tablia Dark Chocolate for its rich, dark, and healthy taste.


                          Photo:The Tummy Train
Take a breather! Since you already have the time, this is now an opportunity for you to create something for yourself and others. You deserve a Chocolate Cake with marshmallows and Don Pepe Tablia for the base. Totally for sharing and enjoying the weekend.


With another week approaching, it is essential to check on your stocks and be geared for what lies next in the days to come. Since you also need to deal with other errands, having to restock your Don Pepe products is truly not one of your worries. It is a lot more impressive how they also offer their different flavors in Shopee and Lazada, wherein you can place your orders anytime and have your doses of chocolate delivered to you!

For every new day, there is a reason to get going. It just so happens that Don Pepe is also a contributor for a day well-spent! Learn more about them at https://donpepetablia.com/ and take pleasure in their variety of flavors.