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Zozzle Lets You Experience Tea with a Twist

Some consider classic milk tea as a comfort drink, others find excitement with the craze of incorporating various ingredients. There have been a lot of trends and upgrades with milk teas in the past few years, and every year it gets better with extras.

A lot—and like everything in the life of late, businesses have been offering plenty of crazies to stand out from the others. And as different as it seems, Zozzle Tea defines creativity right through your drink.

Zozzle Tea is a homegrown Cebu-based milk tea shop that opened last 2019. This new milk-tea cafe offers authentic tea with a twist by infusing alcohol into their drinks. As a first in Cebu, Zozzle Tea strives to offer constant innovation in its flavors.

On Authenticity

Zozzle Tea’s owner and managing partner, Kevin Chiong firmly believed that their business provides customers an authentic milk tea experience. He stated that milk tea being sold nowadays is either too sweet, too creamy, or too milky that it loses the flavor of the tea. He added that they’re changing how milk tea should be viewed by offering a strong taste of tea in their drinks.

On Health

Nutrition can play a vital role in how we look and feel but it can be a tricky thing – we’re always looking for the next big beneficial drink. And with the rise of milk teas, various flavors and blends that come along with the teas create options for everyone. Although herbal drinks can be healthy, sweeteners added can have negative effects on your health.

On a good note, Zozzle Tea adds a good alternative sweetener to its milk teas. They incorporate muscovado instead of the usual corn syrup sweeteners added to milk teas.

Options, options, options

There are thousands of possibilities for new bubble tea flavors, whether you’re into the sweet or zesty, Zozzle sets several options to choose from.

Zozzle has several tea flavors that can spike up your mood: Giggle tea, Teatails, Premium, and Teazzato milk teas, and Fushion teas.

Giggle teas are alcohol-infused milk teas. It comes with rum-infused called the Caribbean, rum infused with added chocolate named Jack’s Dilemma, and gin-infused Wintermelon as Lisa’s Truth.

For non-milk tea fans, Zozzle’s Teatails are perfect for you. Teatails are tea-based alcohol-infused cocktails. It’s derived from the combination of both words and drinks which are tea and cocktails.